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Turtl3's gm application Empty Turtl3's gm application

Post  Turtl3 on Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:59 pm

Name: Keshia Norwood
Age: 16
E-mail: Jflash200@yahoo.com
Staff Position you would like: GM
Past Experience:N/A but i can learn
Reason to hire you: I will be a helpful fair gm. I will enforce rules and help players with any problems they may have and if i do not have the information neccessary to answer thier question i will do my best to get it. i will also be active and i will help to the best of my abilty and stop hackers if spotted and investigate any hacker sightings.
Other Information:i have an app on my comp which allows me to see the id's of maps monsters and items and such and it also lists gm commands.
MSN: jflash200@hotmail.com


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