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Post  Trung (T on Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:32 pm

Hey, This is My GameMaster Application

Name: My name is Trung Nguyen

Age: My Current Age is : 18 (i have a life if thats what your thinking)

My E-Mail is : (don't say anything i made this 4 years ago)

Well, the position I want is Owner, with the the Owner. So pretty much I want to be your partner.

My past experience...well, I have been Owner with some other servers helping out. I was basically the coder.

Reason to hire me, first is you cant be sued, is because of the fact that i know Cody, from Wizet. Yes Cody from Wizet. Second is im trustworthy and i get along with people easily, basically unless their immature.

Some other information about me is...I go to UCI College, I work in Advance Technology. I know most about coding and scripting. I hate immature people. I'm Vietnamese

I do not have a MSN but i do currently have an AIM it is xdiablodeaminzzz. I'm mostly on

Trung (T

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