Yoyoyoyoyo ~! Wads Up Manszs

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Yoyoyoyoyo ~! Wads Up Manszs Empty Yoyoyoyoyo ~! Wads Up Manszs

Post  Yakusa ^-^ on Sat Nov 29, 2008 6:39 pm

Hihihi , Surprised
Nice To Meet All Of You DestinedMs Sexy Pple. Hahas.
Okay Whatever Lets Just Skip 2 The Point .

Yoyoyoyo, Im 14 Yrs Old And From SG...My IGN is [GM]Yakusa And I Will be Online Often [Im Lying]
I Play Dis Server Cuz I Have No Idea What to Do at Home Neutral So Remember TO Talk To Me Ingame If You Nid Anything Very Happy .

Need Anything ? Add me At three-stripes-@hotmail.com [24/7]

Uhh..Okay I Have No Idea What To Say Right Now .... So Im Just Gonna Do This : _l_[No Offense Very Happy ]


Yakusa ^-^

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