I want to have the opportunity to experience...

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I want to have the opportunity to experience... Empty I want to have the opportunity to experience...

Post  CandyLandy on Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:07 pm

Dear owner of this MS.
By the way, My name in real life is : Christhopher Tan An Xin
I'm 14 now. Birthday on 1994-01-31 (Going 15)
Email/MSN: foreva_in-love@hotmail.com
I would like to be an Admistrator if possible, or at lease Global Moderator

Reason to hire and Other information: (Sorry if i did'nt break them up)
I hope i could be a GM and help in this server, and i'll vote for it and do all task i'm asked to and i'll do it with my best. I have been playing MapleSea From primary 5 until sec 1, When i was in sec 1,my fwens introduced me Private servers. And i haven been a GM before. And i want to have an experience of how GM is, and things that i can do and cannot do in MS/this server. And i'll try to make this server Runs smoothly for other players, and introduce this server to my fwens asking them to join. I wanna really have an experience of being a GM. And i Wish to be 1. i'll really Obey the Rules and follow the guidelines given by you. And also, i can online almost everyday From mornin till night except for Sundays because i need to go Church(Singapore Timing). i Really Love Maplestory, but i will really Thank you with my whole heart if you can make me a GM. i'll promise to do everything with my best and i'll help.
Even if i know i cant, but i'll try.
3/4 times? maybe 6/7 times?
and i'll do it with my outmost ability that i can
i promise Smile
And i hope you really make me a GM.

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