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Post  Allenx3 on Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:09 pm

Name:Kevin(But I like allen more)

Age:13 (14 on 13dec)


Staff Position you would like: Gm wil do

Past Experience: Sadly i have been rejected countless times

Reason to hire you: I'm friendly and helpful. Mostly to all new characters and I really believe that since I go for large parts of my day without any GMs online I can fill in the gap where they are not online and be able to help those new characters and welcome them to the server so that it is less daunting than it seems when you are one of the few people online or just in need of any help. I'd also be able to host events for the people that are online at these times because there are many hours that pass before a GM who does host events comes online which I think is a shame for those players who miss out on the fun and the goodies from an event. I would definetly be dedicated to being a GM and take it seriously. I could accept people disliking me if it is for the good of the server but I'd like to hope that this would rarely happen as the main job of a GM should be helping people and Maple Story is a game so people should be enjoying themselves but I would not quit anything just because a few people don't like what I have to do.

Other Information:I am from Singapore , played MSEA for a year and a half .Quited due to all my friends going to pserver instead of the real one, so i kinda accept private server is WAY better then real once . Well don't look small on me , I love catching hackers . Twisted Evil

Thanks for reading through my Gm Application Very Happy
XiiaoAllen (The IGN i Wanted As I cant get into maple the com i using is not suitable for maple)

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