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Post  skarlin4321 on Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:11 pm

Real Name:Daniel
Why Hire me: Well i am kind patient and willing to help people if they need help and i can be fun and nice Smile but when I need to be strict or serious i will be .
Other Info: Well I am from Singapore but i live in Indonesia because my dad got a job here I am 10 years old my favorite food is japenese beef from Kyoto in Japan I also like italian food like pizza. I dont know coding so please dont ask me to try.
How long have you played maplestory: i have been playing maplestory for about 7 months but then i stopped because i wanted to try private servers i have played over 10+ servers so i know most places.
Will you abuse your power:Hell NO !!!!
I will also vote for the server every 12 hours but sadly i cant donate because of my age.
Hobbies: I like basketball baseball Maplestory private servers playin with my friends.
How long will you be on: I wil be on for about 2-5 hours on weekdays except on friday i can be on from 3:00PM till 12:00 AM or more same for saturday.
BTW you must add the sg in the end of my email or else it wont work.


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