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Post  Poutine on Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:18 pm

More about me!

Name: Frank
Age: 19
E-mail: Falco117@live.ca
I would like to be a GM in ur awesome server! Very Happy
I dont have any Gm experience, but I learn fast !

Why should you pick me instead of someone else?

I think I deserve to be a GM because I know that with great power comes great responsibility. Over time I have noticed that gm’s focus too much on having a good and having fun then doing their job. I know that being a gm can be a serious job. Another thing I also noticed was that most of the gm’s never bothered answering my questions or helping me when I first starting playing, when they said they would. A lot of people say that they will ban hackers and hunt them down, but that’s not true. Most gm’s don’t even bother going and looking for them. They just want them to appear in front of them. I know that is something I would really do. I want to be a gm because I like helping people. I want to actually go look for hackers and catch them in the act. Some quality’s I have are: I am a very trust worthy person, I am very dependable, and I am never too busy for anyone, I am very mature (unlike most teenagers, sorry if I offended you), and there are a lot more. I believe I can help out this community a lot. For one I love helping people and helping them out when they need it, I am never too busy to help you with something. I am a fun, nice person when you get to know me, over all a great person to be around. I can host fun events, I am also very good in bad or troubled situations, and I can act fast in a hectic situation too. There are a lot more things I could go on about. If you pick me I know you won’t regret it, if you just give me a chance. Because I know I can prove myself worthy.

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