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Post  Moryoumaru on Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:24 pm

Name: Dave
Age: 16
Staff Position you would like: Global Moderator or Admin
Past Experience: Im gm on: DarkStarMS, DarkAgeMS, TransquilityMS(Closed is what ppl say but idk), CasualMS, PowMS, LatinMS, LonelyMS, NewBieMS and LucStory. Each for a couple of weeks now. I know all the gm commands except like, specific maps nd items but for that i have a gm handbook.
Reason to hire you: Im a kind person, very helpful, rarely angered. When communicating with people, id say im pretty good as ive seen people react better to kindness than yelling at them and saying mean stuff, and insulting. Though that doesn't apply for all types of people. Also, The fact that i would like to do the best i could to help the server and the people that play the server is what inspires me to be gm. Lastly, I think i would be suitable for the posistion because im good at communicating with others, am a nice person, helpful, and will be able to help people.
Other Information: IGN: Achilles Aim: Qaza50


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