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Post  [Mod]Rynn on Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:57 am

Hi, here is come guide for Newbies ^^

Sunstone Grave- Skill maxer
Cody- Job Advancer
Ueriba- PVP
Amos- Boss warper
Duey- Scroll seller
O-Pongo- Buffers
Konpei- Event trophy trader
Kin/NimaKIN- "stylist"
Spindle- NX cash (point)
Nana (H),(K),(P),(E)- Sell eq follow the jobs
Meteorite 2 (stone)- Meso banker
Malady- Quest
Mom and Dad- Sell nice other stuff
Mr.Kim- Change pet's name (with tag)
Rock, Paper, Scissor Admin- Custom Made quest
Mr.Wang- Gender changer
Harry- Event holder
Mr.Park- Storage
Pachinko 2- Music Box
Sera- Resets Ap
Mr.Moneybags- Sell Lv70 eqs
FM room1- PQs


Player Commands
@bot- Shows help with the server bot
@callgm- Calls a GM (if u faced any problem)
@credits- Show credits
@dispose- Use if you're stuck
@emo- Kill urself
@expfix- Resets ur exp to 0
@help- Shows all the player commands
@pvp (challenge/accept/decline/withdraw/yes/no/cancel)
@rebirth- Reborns you
@save- saves ur data
@str/dex/int/luk [amount]- Adds [amount] str/dex/int/luk
@toggleexp- Toggles whether u get exp or not
@togglesmega- Toggles if u hear smega or not. Cost 100000 meso per use
@version- shows version

Well, I guess I wrote all (if i missed any1 can post here xD)
Hope u'll wont lost and enjoy ^^
Happy Mapling.


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