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Post  sjnj on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:35 am

First of all, despite your choice on even considering my application, not including acceptance or rejection, I thank you for taking the time to read.
Because, this IS in paragraph form.

My name, as obviously shown, is Jason and my In-Game Name is xJas also.
I am a fifteen year old Canadian who is knowledgeable in XHTML, CSS, PHP, and some Java coding. My past experience isn't breathtaking, but I do have some. I have worked for another private server, now shut down due to a co-founder robbing from the server's profits, called Creme MS. I worked there as a Forum Moderator, Site Developer, and In-Game Global Moderator. I'll admit, my in-game command knowledge is a little rusty, but I can easily check the OdinMS sources, etc. to get all the commands re-memorized.
I would love to to help In-Game, and as well, I could help greatly with the site. Coding XHTML/CSS/PHP designs is a second nature to me, so I could in the future help develop the site and forum into an original private server resource.
I assist with a hosting sales website, called Pleohosting, and myself, created the design of the website.
My timezone is Morning 9am till 12pm or 5pm
The commands I do remember, and expect to need to know are;
(If there are any others I should know, or differences in the format, just let me know)
!map <mapID>
!warp <userID>
!warp <userID> <mapID>
!warphere <charactername>
!job <jobid>
!dc <charname>
!notice <w/c/m> <message>
!spawn <monsterid> <count> [[hp <amount>] [exp <amount>]]
Note: My reason for not saying Admin, is because in my opinion an Admin should be an active participant in Server Development, Bugfixing, etcetera.
I sadly, have not learned the server coding(Java etc) properly.

My Windows Live and Contact Email is Jasonphaw@hotmail.com

Information Condensed for quick reference:
Name: Jason
In-Game Name: Jason
Age: Fifteen
Contact E-mail & MSN: XiiaoBoii22@hotmail.com
Staff Position you would like: GM/Global Moderator
Past Experience: Creme MS[closed], Forum Moderator, Web Developer, In-Game GM
Reason to hire you: HTML/CSS/PHP Web-coding Abilities, GM experience(willing to work to create unique events for users).
Other Information:Morning 9am till 12pm or 5pm


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