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Post  Admin on Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:49 pm

Hi all DestinedMS players.Would u lyk to donate to DestinedMS to make it dedicated?
If u donate u can get any item u wan with 32k stats and wa.Cool?u can oso donate to be a donator,intern or GM,ETC
Donation info Maple0000-1-1
Donation info Maple0005-1
Donation info Maple0004-1
Donation info Maple0003-1-1
Donation info Maple0002-1
Donation info Maple0001-1

Donate $5-any 1 item u want to make 32k
$7-any 2 items u want to make 32k
$10-any 3 items u want to make 32k
$20-any 20 items u want to make 32k

or u can

Donate: 5$ monthly to be an intern
7$ monthly to be a GM
13$ monthly to be a SuperGM

All these are only payable to my paypal account
for more info add my msn @

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