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Post  Admin on Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:55 pm

DestinedMS Repack V1
DestinedMs v1 is totally not leeched and its made by me.u can chk it out on google if u dun belive me.it has loads of customs and with a little help with smexy and Capitalism.we finsihed this server repack.i said REPACK because its not totally a fresh odin based source.we used moogra and improvised it a little based on players wants and request.
Inside contains:
Player Shops
Ring Effects
Boss Squads
Clones, Sexbot
Marriage potential
Monster Skills
Monster Effects
Custom Rebirth
Many More Commands
GM Levels
Better Coded Custom NPCs
Horntail works

Server Features:

Nana(H)=sells all job items/NX items/pets

/Rings/pet stuff/scrolls/and many more cool stuff

Nana(p)=sex changer


boss warper

nx points seller

custom quest npc v2.1(improvised verion of v2)

tropy exchanger

mesos to golden leaf exchanger

cody=job changer
Chairs Work
Max AP is 32767
AutoCongrats at 250
Edited Rage, Mystic Door, Fake, Sword Booster
Gm skills don't get maxed
120 item slots
Beginners start with 100 buddy slots
Normal people get iron body when changing channels
GM Levels
GMs cannot be banned
Smega Time Limit added
Pets Work 100% and spawn with character, but no Multipets.
Pet equips work: Meso Magnet, Magic Scales, etc
Summons, Commands, Morphs, Salons Work, GM Map has hair/eye changer
Guild Prices are GMS like
Level Cap is 250
PvP in WanWan spa of hell with custom PvP
Buffs work for 30+ minutes
99% Skills work, including 4th job.
FoJ every 15 minutes
Fame every hour
All Scrolls Work for GMs and don't lose slots
Old Drop System
Auto Warp Out after PQ
GM Chat
Spindle sells NX
Mr Moneybags sells Bosshunter equips
Cody is all-in-one skill maxer, changes jobs, and rebirths
Duey sells scrolls
Mysterious statue and Spinel warp
Amos the strong is boss warper
Pets sold in Cash Shop
100% Working Cash Shop
Fredrick sells smegas, rocks, etc
Doofus sells pets and evolves pets
Konpei warps to PvP Map
Nana of Towns Sell Job Items in FM1
Nana(L) sells accessories
Nana(O) sells april fool items
Coco Sells Fame
1st NPC maxes skills and gives job items
Mad Bunny also maxes skills
Sera Resets Stats in FM1
Harry is event NPC in the FM
Jukebox with songs in FM1
Computer is all-item seller and only sells to GMs
Tombstone sells Piece of Cracked Dimension with power elixirs
Adobis (2) sells eye of fire
Gachapon Works
Ms Tan sends items to people
Orbis Rock warps without scrolls
O-Pongo is a buff npc with all skills added
VIP Taxi takes places with typing
Boss Spawner (1012103)
Showa and Orbis Exchange quests
Boss Reactors work
Boss spawner in FM22
Boss Maps added (like the big shell boss in florina)
Bob the snail has Max int HP
Henesys PQ, Kernings PQ, Guild PQ, Zakum PQ working
Mobs may drop NX if enabled in MapleMap.java
Ludi pq and LMPQ 100% working
Working Jump Quests
Trade Button Warps to FM
Guilds and BBS, old stuff
Killall gives Exp and Drops
Autoban removed except for smega spam and summon bag
Account Logged In Fix
GMs gain more hp/mp on level up
Teleport rocks work, Smegas work
2x Exp card working
Updated FM
Malady Advances Jobs
Added Hamstring Fix
Added NX Autoban
Smokebomb fixed? and Dispel?
Fixed pet food
2083002 is Horntail summoner
Server Message in World.Properties
added Meso banker
Fixed Summon Buff
GMs Talk in white again
Arrows don't drop in thousands
Mong from Kong sells cafe items/scrolls
Updated All-in-one Seller
Fixed Scroll +2 GlitchCommands
Command [Arguments]
Super Commands
Only available with GM level of 2 or higher.

!cast [skill] [level] - Casts skill [skill] at level [level] on all characters.
!closePortal [portal] - Closes Portal [portal].
!dc [user] - Disconnects [user].
!dcall - Disconnects everyone in the server.
!gmscroll - Sets the gmscroll on/off.
!horntail - Spawns Horntail.
!jobperson [person] [jobid] - Gives [person] job with jobid [jobid].
!kill [user] - Kills [user].
!muteall [user] - Mutes everything for [user].
!npc [npcid] - Spawns a NPC [npcid].
!openPortal [portal] - Opens portal [portal].
!ownuser [user] - Mutes and Sets [user]'s GM level to 1 and disables EXP.
!pmob [mobid] - Permanently creats a mob at that point.
!pnpc [npc] - Permanently creates a npc at that spot.
!reactorchange [id][type][map] - Changes the state of reactor.
!removenpcs [npc arraylist] - Removes every npc in [npc arraylist].
!ringme [ringid] [user] - Gives self a ring with [user].
!sex [user] [type] [message] - Sends a Smega for [User] with the message [message].
!sexbot [spawn/stance] [id] - Spawns Sexbot with ID [id].
!sgmsg [message] - Sends [message] to all GMs.
!shutdown - Shuts down server in 1 minute.
!shutdownnow - Shuts the server down immediately.
!shutdownworldnow - Shuts the world down immediately.
!speak [user] [message] - Makes [user] say [message].
!sql [command] - Does an ingame SQL Command.
!startProfiling - Starts profiling.
!stopProfiling - Stops profiling.
!tdrops - Toggles drops in a map.
!tip [message] - Creates a MapleTip with message [message].
!unban [user] - Unbans [user].
!unbanIP [user] - Unbans the IP of [user].
!zakum - Spawns Zakum.


GM Commands
Only available for GM Level of 1 or higher.

!anego - Spawns Anego.
!balrog - Spawns Balrogs.
!blackcrow - Spawns Black Crow.
!bob - Spawns Bob the Snail.
!bird - Spawns Phoenix and Freezer.
!centipede - Spawns Centipede.
!clone - Spawns Clone Bosses.
!coke - Spawns Coke Monsters.
!cornian - Spawns Cornians.
!dragon - Spawns Wyverns.
!ergoth - Spawns Ergoth.
!franken - Spawns Frankensteins.
!horseman - Spawns Headless Horseman.
!leafreboss - Spawns Bosses of Leafre.
!loki - Spawns Loki Box.
!ludimini - Spawns Minibosses.
!mushmom - Spawns Mushmoms.
!nx - Spawns 10 NX Slimes.
!pap - Spawns Papulatus.
!papapixie - Spawns Papa Pixie.
!pianus - Spawns Pianus.
!pirate - Spawns Pirates.
!rock - Spawns Indestructible Rocks.
!shark - Spawns Sharks.
!snackbar - Spawns Snack Bar.
!theboss - Spawns The Boss.

!str [number] - Sets [number] as str.
!dex [number] - Sets [number] as dex.
!luk [number] - Sets [number] as int.
!int [number] - Sets [number] as luk.
!hp [number] - Sets [number] as hp.
!mp [number] - Sets [number] as mp.
!ap [number] - Sets [number] as ap.
!sp [number] - Sets [number] as sp.
!allocate [stat] [num] - Add [num] to the stat [stat].
!exp [number] - Sets [number] as exp.
!god - Sets Hit-Godmode.
!level [number] - Sets [number] as level.
!maxall - Maxes stats.
!reborn [number] - Sets [number] as the number of reborns.
!setall [number] - Sets Str/Dex/Int/Luk as [number].
!exprate [number] - Sets exp rate as [number].
!mesorate [number] - Sets meso rate as [number].
!droprate [number] - Sets drop rate as [number].
!bossdroprate [number] - Sets boss drop rate as [number].

!buff - Opens the Buff Shop.
!face - Opens the Facial Expression Shop.
!glimmer - Opens a shop that sells NLC items.
!gmshop - Opens the GM Shop.
!mage - Opens the Mage shop.
!maple - Opens a shop that sells maple items.
!misc - Opens a shop.
!pack - Opens the NX Package Shop.
!pets - Opens the Pet Shop.
!ring - Opens the Ring Shop.
!sbag - Opens a shop that sells Summon Bags.
!scroll - Opens a scroll shop.
!shop - Opens the noob shop.
!smega - Opens the Megaphone Shop.
!thief - Opens the Thief shop.
!warrior - Opens the Warrior shop.

!giftnx [user] [amount] - Gifts [user] [amount] nx.
!healother [user] - Heals [user].
!healmap - Heals the whole map.
!hurt [name] - Sets HP/MP of name to 1.
!killeveryone - Kills everyone in the server.
!killmap - Kills everyone in your map.
!levelperson [user] [level] - Set's [user] to level [level].
!lolhaha [user] - Switches the gender of [user].
!mesoperson [user] [mesos] - Gives [user] [mesos] mesos.
!rebornperson [user] [num] - Set's [user]'s rebirths to [num].
!setGMperson [user] [level] - Set's [user] with GM level [level].
!slap [person] [damage] - Slaps [person] with [damage] damage.
!warphere [user] - Warps [user] to your map.

!buffme - Buffs yourself.
!fakechar - Creates a clone of you.
!fame - Sets your fame to [number].
!heal - Heals you to max.
!job [jobid] - Changes your job to [job].
!levelup - Levels you up.
!map [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal [portal].
!maxall - Maxes all your stats.
!mesos [number] - Adds [number] mesos to your account.
!pvpdeaths [amount] - Sets PVP deaths.
!pvpkills [amount] - Sets PVP kills.
!setGM [level] - Set's your GM level to [level].
!skill [skill] [level] - Gives you [skill] at level [level].
!warp [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal [portal].

!ban [user] [reason] - Ban [user].
!banreason [user] - Find the ban reason of [user].
!cheaters - Shows the cheaters in the server.
!delreport [user] - Delete report of [user].
!getidbyname [name] - Gets the ID of a user with name.
!getnamebyid [id] - Gets the name of a user with id [id].
!getreport [user] - Get reports of [user].
!jail [jailnum] [user] - Jails [user].
!listreports - Lists reports.
!setreportstatus - Sets report status.
!tempban - Temp bans [user].
!unjail [jailnum] [user] - Unjails [user].

!gmchat - Enables or disables GM Chat.
!gmsg [message] - Sends all GMs [message].
!mute [user] - Mutes [user].
!mutebuddy [user] - Mutes user.
!muteguild [user] - Mutes user.
!muteparty [user] - Mutes user.
!mutesmega [user] - Mutes user.
!mutewhisper [user] - Mutes user.
!notice [message] - Sends a notice to the whole server.
!removebot - Removes the Server Bot.
!say [message] - Say a message to the whole server.
!servermessage [message] - Displays a new servermessage.
!worldmessage [message] - Changes the world message.

!drop [id] [amount] - Drops item with id [id] and amount [amount].
!droprandomstatitem [id] - Drops item [id] with random stats.
!id [name] - Searches IDs.
!item [id] [amount] - Gains item with id [id] and amount [amount].
!power - Gains 1000 Power Elixirs.
!white - Gains 5 White Scrolls.

!connected - Shows how many people are connected to the server.
!gmsonline - Shows how many GMs are online.
!gmsonlinew - Shows how many GMs are in your world.
!online - Shows how many people are online.
!onlinew - Shows how many people are online.
!whereami - Shows what map you are in.
!whosthere - Shows who's in the map.

!effect [id] - Displays the effect [id].
!effectsound [id] - Displays the sound of the effect with id [id].
!song - Changes music in server.
!sound [id] - Displays the sound [id].

!cancelBuffs [user] - Cancels buffs of [user].
!charinfo [user] - Gets Character info.
!cleardrops - Clears all drops on the map.
!clock [time] - Creates a clock with time limit [time].
!event - Starts event.
!fakerelog - Fake relogs your character.
!foj [1-5] - Transports you to foj [1-5].
!giveItemBuff [user] [id] - Gives buff with id [id] to [user].
!killall - Kill all monsters in the map.
!killmonster [monster] - Kills [monster] in your map.
!mapbuff - Buffs the map you are in.
!nearestPortal - Displays the nearest portal.
!pos - Shows your position in your map.
!openshop [shop] - Opens a shop with id [shop].
!saveall - Saves the server.
!showMonsterID [mob] - Shows monster id of [mob].
!spawn [mob] [amount] - Spawns [amount] of monster [mob].
!worldbuff - Buffs the Whole World With Buffs.


Player Commands
Only available for GM Level of 0 or higher.

@bot - Shows help with the Server Bot.
@callgm - Calls a GM.
@credits - Shows Credits.
@dispose - Use if you're stuck.
@emo - Kill yourself.
@expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
@help - This shows all the player commands.
@pvp (challenge|accept|decline|withdraw|yes|no|cancel).
@rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
@save - Saves your data.
@str/dex/int/luk [amount] - Adds [amount] str/dex/int/luk.
@toggleexp - Toggles whether you get exp or not.
@togglesmega - Toggles if you hear smegas or not. Costs 100000 mesos per use.
@version - Shows Version.


Limited Commands
Available for all players.

@isuck - Sends a message to everyone in the server apologizing.
!isucknot - Set's one's GM level to 0. Change this one.

DestinedMS custom Maps FM and custom Begginer map:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5lmedk0rzth_ mediafire.com ?cwyxxywz4xi

WZ Files for DestinedMS Repack: (they r not exactly my WZ files i leeched it from sineMS) mediafire.com ?cwyxxywz4xi

DestinedMS Repack:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nzieakhdzzt (All npcs are inside
already so when u go into fm all the custom npcs should be wrking.and
remove the .rar at the end of the server file)

DestinedMS Sqls:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jju3tvmznyn

Pls no Flaming and this pack is not entirely made by me so if u think it resembles any other server pack it could only be a mere coincidence or my frens may leech it.NOT ME!!!i dun leech

If u nid help with setting up ur MS server add my msn @ justaboy_1994@live.com.sg
i would be sure to help u.

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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Nice repack

Post  [Mod]Rynn on Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:52 pm

Wow... nice repack and awesome commands... Im so admire u, u're my idol lols >"< lol!

Stay Cool Wink

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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Gm Is Chinese???

Post  Kai on Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:18 am

Wah....So Good....Gm..U Is Chinese ??


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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

Post  Chris on Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:22 am

That's a really great repack.
Really useful for starters.


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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

Post  Angel Dust on Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:31 am

Woah thats alot o.O!!! Great Work
Angel Dust
Angel Dust

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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

Post  Nathan on Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:35 am

This repack is good but i disagree with not having Autoban enabled.

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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

Post  Nice Rep on Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:03 pm

Lol Wow,
I Didn't Know You Did This Much?
Very Nice Repack.

Nice Rep

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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty how to download it?

Post  Player on Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:18 pm

I downloaded the destinedms.rar.rar but inside is sinems v2.8 and there is nothing to start the game..

The old client - destinedmsNONHAMA cant work too after this check..

Help i want play.. How to download??


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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

Post  player on Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:10 am

i also get sinems!!!!gm pls help or anyone pls help


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[Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1 Empty Re: [Realease]DestinedMS Repack V1

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