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Hi! Im Rynn n.n Empty Hi! Im Rynn n.n

Post  [Mod]Rynn on Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:53 pm

Hello~ My name is JinShin, 14 years old girl. I live in Malaysia, Selangor~ My ign in game is ([Mod]Rynn)
I love to draw comics, editing pictures and.... MAKE BANNERs! Hehe dont know why i love it soo much xD
Hope you guys can enjoy playing DestinedMS and support it~

Ohhhya.. one more thing! The admin of DestinedMS >> Destiny is very very pro.. i So admire him >.<"
I hope the server will be very famous =)
C'mon guys! start advertising for DestinedMS! ^^"
Meanwhile, dont forget to vote for DestinedMS =)

Recruiting for Together! Which means "We'll be together for everything"
This guild is not for battle (guild war,etc), i mean do not cares.. I just wan we all to be happy and enjoy DestinedMS!
Who wan to join pls tell me, everyone are welcomed ^^

Anything want to ask me or wan make a friend with me can add my msn >> jinshin94@hotmail.com =)

All the best!
[Mod]Rynn ^^

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