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Post  [Mod]Rynn on Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:12 pm

Yoyo! I have made some comics/custom banner as that is my love! Please enjoy ^^"

Rynn's banner ^^v Couple10

Rynn's banner ^^v Couple11

[DestinedMS comic]
Rynn's banner ^^v Destin11

Rynn's banner ^^v Letspa10

Rynn's banner ^^v Shoppi10

Rynn's banner ^^v Dreami10
Well, this one... The dreaming boy name was Darmien and our Admin name is Damien XD I wanna use Damien in the story but i scare that he mind(the sexy girl) >.<" so i changed the name~ hahax Razz

All banners were made by RYNN! No copies =)

Okay, that's all I've made today xD More will be coming~ Stay tunned ^.<

How was your opinion about the banners i made? Feel free to leave your comments ^^ Thx Cool

DestinedMS ROX!
Rynn's banner ^^v Destin11


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